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Take art to a new level with Creative Vox or enjoy the exhibitions. You choose.

Join as an artist to author your own work onto the site.  Or be a visitor and join the party by engaging with your favourite artists, check out events or just enjoy the art and relax.

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Get closer to the art and the artist. Creative Vox is reality art on show, live and interactive. Watch the art evolve, comment, be amazed at the expression.

Be part of a vibrant community valuing diverse people, cultures and expressions.

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Creative Vox is social.  You decide who to talk to.  Express your Vox.  Take it to the blog or vox with other artists and visitors.  Discover Vox together.

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Get your art beyond the virtual. Creative Vox lets you organise events and ticketing anywhere.  Complete the Events tool and exhibit.  Shout out your event and use the power of the Vox to let everyone know you are in town.

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The art of freedom is to express your creativity beyond the constraints of ability or disability.  Creative Vox is a place to exhibit, communicate, comment and collaborate.

Sign up as an artist here  and get your work online. Here is a step-by-step guide to publishing your portfolio in the Creative Vox gallery

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Taking creativity to a new level.  Everyone can express their Creative Vox.

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