• Chat City Interview on Preston FM

    Went on Preston FM’s Chat City on Fri 20th Sep to talk about the Creative Vox project and Exhibition. Thanks to Hughie Parr for letting me rattle on about a project I’m proud to be part of and passionate about! In fact I rattled on so much I made the 10.30 news late!!


    I’ll try and get a link to the interview.

  • Creative Vox on the Radio

    I’ll be on Preston FM on Friday 22nd Sep in the morning (10.30 I think) to talk about the project and the exhibition. Have a listen to Preston FM Chat City on http://prestonfm.listen-again.org/mini-player.php (hope I’ve got that right).

  • Creative Vox Launch

    Great to see so many people at the launch – and some great comments on the exhibition and artwork – Well done everyone!!